Plan My Event

Family Retreats

Step One
Registration begins in September for the following summer. Families are welcome to attend by themselves or with other families they know. We would encourage you to consider coming on a retreat with other families that you are walking the road of life alongside. Once you have decided if you would like to come with just your family or with others, you can check the schedule to see availability in our upcoming family retreats.

Step Two
If you intend to come with only your family, move on to Step Three.

If you want to come with a group of families, you may request to reserve a group retreat. We accept these requests in August for the following summer. If approved, when registration begins in mid-September, we will hold your spots for up to 30 days to accomplish the next step (submitting your registration).

Step Three
Submit the appropriate retreat registration form with deposit. during the 30 day hold period. Once we receive your registration form and deposit, your reservation will be confirmed by email from the SMR office. We will send an informational email (including arrival time, directions, and what to bring) to each registered family approximately 30 days before the retreat. The balance of the retreat fee is due March 31.

Marriage Retreats

You can plan your marriage retreat with these steps.

Step One  
Choose a retreat that fits your schedule and submit the registration form and deposit.

Step Two

We will send a retreat confirmation email.

Approximately 14 days before the retreat. We will send an informational letter (including arrival time, directions, and what to bring) to each registered couple.

Family Summits

Sonrise Mountain Ranch offers family or marriage summit opportunities to inspire and equip families and couples to live for the Kingdom of God. Summits are designed for families that are unlikely or unable to attend a family retreat at Sonrise. Summits are short (1-2 days, usually Friday evening and Saturday), relatively inexpensive, able to accommodate large numbers, and easily accessible as they take place at a church or conference center in the local area.

You can plan a Summit in your area with these steps.

Please let us know if you have questions at any point.

  1. An individual representing a team, church, or organization invites SMR to conduct a Family Summit, normally 4 to 12 months prior to the summit date. This individual serves as the main point of contact and normally as the Summit Host.
  2. The Summit Host and SMR work out the logistical plans and financial arrangements.
  3. Summit promotion normally begins 3 months prior to the summit date.
  4. SMR prepares the program, helps train the volunteers, and consults on the logistical arrangements for the summit. The Summit Host coordinates to provide volunteers (if needed), suitable facilities, food service, and janitorial services. Two conference calls are scheduled 60 days and 30 days prior to the summit dates to ensure good communication.
  5. The SMR Summit team arrives 1 or 2 days prior to the summit and normally leaves the day after.

Click here for more detailed information about size, and cost of a family summit.

Facility Rentals

We have limited availability in the fall, winter and spring for rental to groups conducting Christ-centered retreats or conferences. Our facilities include a lodge for meeting space and seven 2-3 bedroom cabins. (We cannot accommodate youth retreats.)

We do not offer a meal plan or programming.

You can plan your rental event with these steps.

Step One
Fill out our Rental Event Information Form.

Step Two

We will contact you to let you know if we can fulfill your request. If so, will  send you a rental event contract.

Step Three
You will need to review and sign the contract. Return it with the necessary deposit by the date indicated.  Once we receive the contract back from you with deposit, your reservation is confirmed.