Family Summits

WAressIn a weekend, is it possible to………

enrich your marriage,

enhance your relationship with your kids,

evaluate your direction as a family?

Sonrise offers family summits – a two-day opportunity to help your family navigate through our crazy busy world and keep “first things first.”  Timely Biblical principles and practical ideas.  A fun-filled and meaningful program for adults and kids of all ages.  An investment of 24 hours that can change the next twenty years.

“Transforming for us as a couple and for our family”

“This was a fantastic time to reevaluate our priorities as a family.”


Duration: Three (2-hour) sessions spread over two days

Min/Max Attendees: Normally between 35 and 100 families

Program: While a typical Family Summit has programming for both adults and kids, we can provide an adult only program focused on the same themes

Location: At a church or conference center in your local area

Cost: Normally between $3500 to $4500 (depending on the location and duration).

Timing: We typically begin working with the host church or organization between 3 and 12 months prior to the summit date.

Family Summit Sample Schedule


6:00 pm                        Guest Arrival and Registration / Dinner or Dessert (optional)

7:00 pm                        Session #1 – Adults in Auditorium / Kids in Assigned Rooms

9:00 pm                        Evening Complete


9:00 am                        Worship

9:15 am                         Session #2 – Adults in Auditorium / Kids in Assigned Rooms

10:15 am                       Coffee Break

10:30 am                      Session #3 – Adults in Auditorium / Kids in Assigned Rooms

12:15 pm                      Family Summit Complete

12:30 pm                      Lunch (optional)

If you want to discuss bringing a family summit to your area, contact us.