Family Retreat Testimonials

What Other Families Said About Their Time at SMR

“This was the best vacation our family has ever taken.”riverbreakfast

“It is amazing. I wish this opportunity for so many of my friends and family.”

“Our kids loved it all. So good to not have “screen time” as distraction.”

“It was such a treat to not have to think about meals. The kitchen team served with such grace and selflessness.”

“It felt like a “true” vacation for mom.”

“It was great for my older kids to see other Christian families doing what we are trying to do.”

“Fantastic time to refocus on truly important things in life- God, family, friends and living out the gospel to others in our world. We bonded together tightly and talked at a level that we never had before.”

“A darkness, hopelessness and doubt E family

that was present in our family’s life is going away…

and is being replaced with the hope, light

and love of Christ – which I see in my wife’s eyes!”

“Heaven on earth! More valuable than you will ever know.”

“We’ve been challenged in a good way to become a more Godly family, raise God-centered kids and not clutter our lives with un-necessities.”

“Better than imagined or expected. High quality, well prepared lessons, and thoughtful care given to anticipate guests needs. Eternal impact in the trajectory of our family!”

“Overwhelmed with God’s blessing! It is difficult to put into words how valuable this wdsc_0006-1eekend has been. It’s been valuable spiritually and relationally; one of the most valuable four and a half days we’ve spent together.”

“I think the time here was invaluable for our family. We have needed the compass check for a long time and didn’t know how to get there.”

“This week feels like a turning point in my walk with the Lord.

I will be forever grateful.”

“It was clear that much time, preparation, prayer and heart was put into creating a program to teach, encourage, challenge and stretch me in becoming a more devoted Christian, wife and mother.”

“We loved it. It has brought us closer with God, closer as a couple and closer as a family. We now have tools and a vision of where we want to be a ‘Kingdom family.'”

“It changed the way we are going to parent and take a more active role in our kids’ spiimg_0085ritual lives.”

“Awesome! Reminding and inspiring what we’re here for and what we should be living for.”

“Highly organized and well planned out! Well worth every penny. Our goal is to grow in God’s Kingdom – the tools we were taught are invaluable.”

“I am so grateful for the teaching, the time away from the busyness of life, unplugged from electronics, and time with my family; time to regroup, refocus and reprioritize are valuable beyond measure! The opportunity to unwind and reconnect was precious!”

“Life changing, encouraging and overwhelming all in one. Thank you for helping us to open our eyes more and more.”

“Awesome! A total God gift!”

“This week was life changing in focusing me on the Kingdom of God, and what I need to do to extend it in our family, church, neighborhood, world.”glacier

“We will be forever grateful for the time we were able to spend with you. Thank you for pouring into our family such meaningful truths and giving us the tools we need to carry on with our daily lives. We have already made changes to our family schedule and set our priorities based on Kingdom principles. The transformation in us is already such a blessing and brings joy to our family interactions.”

“Thanks so much for a wonderful life-changing week. Our family time has been great. We remain encouraged and focused.”