Family Mission Trips

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We offer family mission trip opportunities that serve as a natural “next step” for those who have attended a family retreat at SMR.

These trips are designed to provide an opportunity for your family to grow together and to grow to be more like Christ as you go, love, and serve those in other countries.

Family mission trips have positively impacted our lives in many ways. They have changed the way we think, talk, and pray. While a family mission trip is a significant commitment of time and resources, we think it is worth considering.

The benefit of a family mission trip goes far beyond the actual days you are “in country.”  A trip of this magnitude can become a family focal point two months or more beforehand and remain a key factor in your family life for several months afterward. It may be more accurate to think of this as a six-month experience rather than a 10-day trip.

Why ‘Family’ Mission Trips

These are called ‘family mission trips’ because we invite your whole family to come along, with children of all ages. People have asked why we would take our younger children on these trips. Our desire is to follow Christ together as a family, regardless of the ages of our children. We see these trips simply as another step in following the Lord and trust that He can pour His love on others through an entire family.  

We have witnessed what several missionaries have said to be true: the Lord loves to use children to break down cultural and religious barriers so that the gospel can be heard.

Previous Trips

HaitiOctober 2013 – Haiti 
Our first trip to Haiti and an attempt to pave the way for future trips.
Click here for the recap and slideshow.
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March 2012 – Romania 
Eight families, a grand parent and a retired couple traveled to Romania to share the love of Christ.
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November 2010 – Romania
Five families (including 20 children) went to Romania to share Christ’s love. The team received far more than they gave.
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April 2010 – Chicago 
We planned to go to Romania but the volcano in Iceland kept us in Chicago.
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August 2009 – Romania 
In August 2009, some of the SMR staff went to western Romania to build relationships with ministry partners and pave the way for a family mission trip with Sonrise guest families in 2010.

November 2007 – India
In November 2007, some members of the SMR board and staff went to New Delhi, India. We had the opportunity to share Christ’s love and truth with children in the slums, pastors studying at a ministry training institute, husbands and wives at during two marriage seminars, and multiple congregations of believers during church services.
See a slideshow of the trip.

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