Book: The View From the Rocking Chair

rockingchair_book2A frequent comment at the end of a family retreat at SMR is, “I am so excited with what God has taught me this week. I want to share this information with my family and friends!” To help fill that need, Sonrise Mountain Ranch has published a book entitled, “The View from the Rocking Chair”.

This book will help you ask three key questions:

    • In my life, am I aiming for busy or full?
    • With my kids, am I aiming for good or godly?
    • With my time, talent, and treasure, am I aiming for the American Dream or the Kingdom of God?

Questions are provided at the end of each chapter, for review if you are reading it alone and for group discussion if you use it in a small group or Sunday School class setting.


All Handoutsclick here
The View From the Rocking ChairClick Here
Busy vs. FullClick Here
Good vs. GodlyClick Here
Your Family Compass CheckClick Here

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